Library of Oracle EBS SQLs for operational Excel and ECC reporting, Discoverer replacement, Oracle EBS performance tuning and rapid report development.

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PAY Costing Detail


Imported from Concurrent Program Application: Payroll Source: Costing Detail Report Short Name: PAYRPCDR


Costing Effective Date Begin, Costing Effective Date End, Costing Process, Selection Criterion, Element Set, Element Classification, Element, Payroll, Consolidation Set, Government Reporting Entity, Organization, Location, Employee, Assignment Set, Include Accruals, Employment Category

Used tables

pay_element_classifications, hr_lookups, per_all_assignments_f, pay_costing_details_v




If you would like to try one of these Oracle EBS SQLs without having Blitz Report installed, note that some of the reports require functions from utility package xxen_util.

Example Report

PAY Costing Detail 16-Oct-2023 001613.xlsx

Report SQL

Blitz Report™ import options


Oracle E-Business Suite Reporting Library

We provide an open source Oracle EBS SQLs as a part of operational and project implementation support toolkits for rapid Excel reports generation.

Blitz Report™ is based on Oracle EBS forms technology, and hence requires minimal training. There are no data or performance limitations since the output files are created directly from the database without going through intermediate file formats such as XML.

Blitz Report can be used as BI Publisher and Oracle Discoverer replacement tool. Standard Oracle BI Publisher and Discoverer reports can also be imported into Blitz Report for immediate output to Excel. Typically, reports can be created and version tracked within hours instead of days. The concurrent request output automatically opens upon completion without the need for re-formatting.

The Filters, Columns, Rows and Values fields are used to create and deliver the data in pivot table format with full drill down to details.

Blitz Report Pivots

The Excel template upload functionality in Blitz Report allows users to create their own layouts by uploading an Excel template with additional sheets and charts, automatically refreshed when the report runs again. This allows to create custom dashboards and more advanced visualizations of report data.

Blitz Report Dashboard

You can download and use Blitz Report free of charge for your first 30 reports.

The installation and implementation process usually takes less than 1 hour; you can refer to our installation and user guides for specific details.

Blitz Report™ YouTube Tutorials

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Blitz Report™ - Simple, effective Excel reporting for Oracle EBS R12 and 11i Blitz Report™ is the easiest and quickest way to export Oracle Applications R12 or 11i data into MS Excel.
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Oracle E-Business Suite - Concurrent Request Monitoring and Alert Reporting Concurrent Request Management Critical concurrent requests should be monitored at all times to prevent problems in downstream processes. The standard method is to use Oracle Alert and email the output to the support or database teams. Other techniques involve running SQL with time based schedules handled by Cron. The alert method is somewhat out-dated, emails are in text format and Excel exception files cannot be sent.
How to develop proven EBS reports using Oracle Enterprise Command Center SQL’s in under 5 minutes Introduction Oracle Enterprise Command Center Framework provides information discovery, visualization, and exploration capabilities embedded within the Oracle E-Business Suite Dashboards are provided for functional areas such as General Ledger, Receivables, Payables, Project Accounting, Service Contracts, and Supply Chain modules. This article provides instructions for rapid report development using standardized Oracle ECC SQL queries within EBS.
Oracle Discoverer replacement. How to Import Oracle Discoverer Reports to EBS - Blitz Report™. Task: Oracle Discoverer replacement Audience: DBA’s, IT consultants and business operations Background: Oracle de-supported Discoverer in 2017. Recognizing that this is a significant and challenging step for EBS customers to undertake, the Enginatics team has developed an Oracle Discoverer replacement procedure with automated functionality to import Discoverer worksheets together with their security assignments and parameters.
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Data management and Enterprise Command Center enhancements (ECC) Support of ECC dashboards processes can be challenging at the best of times. In this tutorial, we cover the Blitz Report data governance reporting and managing the Enterprise Command Centers We also support EBS Excel dashboard output with unlimited record size from the EBS instance. This video is based on the session run by Webinar at the Oracle User Group for Scotland, the full version of that is available on the UKOUG site per the 11th June 2020.
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The optimal way to analyse Automatic Workload Repository - AWR for Oracle EBS The Oracle’s Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) collects and maintains performance statistics for problem detection and self-tuning purposes.The report generated by AWR is typically large and requires significant years of experience to fully understand all aspects. The process is made harder by the fact that short module codes are used and it is not clear which package and line of code needs attention.
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Supply Chain Hub - Detailed Overview This is a complete focal hub for supply chain planners, everything a planner needs from Oracle EBS is provided in our central SCM hub with rapid output of any data to fully formatted Excel, but without the hour-glass’ waits per std form exports. There is no need to navigate out of the hub form for analysis or reporting as there is a full suite of PO, OM, Item, Material and MRP reports available within the hub. Even change org is available within the form.
Oracle E-Business Suite Inventory Period-End Optimization / Close The inventory period close process can often be challenging with the volume of stuck transactions typically faced. Oracle provide a pending transactions view with mandatory recommended resolutions. Inventory period close is towards the closure process which means it can often hold up the General Ledger accounting process and or other related modules.
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Helping ASCP planners to achieve better planning results Many customers of the Oracle module – Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) are disappointed or just cannot get the planners to use the Planner Workbench (PWB). But what if there was an easier way? Finally, there is, we provide a full suite of planning reports completely free to use that run directly within the workbench. Delivering plan data to Excel in a much faster method than any other EBS reporting tool. There are no hourglass waits, or CSV files to reformat and no data limitations.
Oracle E-Business Suite - Sales Order Management - Order Organizer Optimization In this short video, we demonstrate how to optimize your Oracle Order Management processes and allow your customer services teams to get on with the real order entry work. The concept can be applied to any Oracle form. Having worked with customer services teams for many years, a common problem is quickly responding to order queries and or exporting large volumes of order line and header information from the order organizer.
Supply Chain Hub in 4 minutes Introduction to Supply Chain Hub, a very useful tool for anyone working with the Oracle EBS Supply Chain and Manufacturing modules.
Blitz Report™ Tutorial - Creating Report Parameters Blitz Report™ is the easiest and quickest way to export Oracle Applications R12 or 11i data into MS Excel.
Oracle ASCP - Plan by exception with Blitz Report™ Reviewing the exceptions generated by a plan allows planners to quickly pinpoint issues in the supply chain, this is usually done in a proactive way. The key challenge with this is that the standard Oracle Planner Workbench tools are not efficient and tend to be ad-hoc rather than automated. For each exception type displayed in the Planner Workbench, it is possible to drill into the detailed information about the nature of the exception.

If you would like to optimize your Oracle EBS implementation and or operational reporting you can visit to review great ideas and example usage in blog. Or why not try for yourself in our demo environment.

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ProjectsService Contracts
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