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CAC Material Account Summary


Report to get the material accounting entries for each item, organization, subinventory with amounts. Including Ship From and Ship To information for inter-org transfers. This report includes all material transactions but to keep the report smaller it does not display WIP job information. Use the Show Subinventory parameter to further reduce the size of this report, as needed. If you choose Yes you get the Subinventory Code, if you choose No you only get the Accounting Line Type for inventory, (Inventory valuation) thus greatly reducing the size of this report. Also note this report version shows the latest item status and planning make buy codes, even if you run the report for prior accounting periods.

/* +=============================================================================+ – | Copyright 2009-22 Douglas Volz Consulting, Inc. | – | Permission to use this code is granted provided the original author is | – | acknowledged. No warranties, express or otherwise is included in this | – | permission. | – +=============================================================================+ – | – | Original Author: Douglas Volz ( – | – | Program Name: xxx_mtl_dist_xla_sum_rept.sql – | – | Parameters: – | p_trx_date_from – starting transaction date for PII related transactions, mandatory – | p_trx_date_to – ending transaction date for PII related transactions, mandatory – | p_category_set1 – The first item category set to report, typically the – | Cost or Product Line Category Set – | p_category_set2 – The second item category set to report, typically the – | Inventory Category Set – | p_org_code – Specific inventory organization you wish to report (optional) – | p_operating_unit – Operating Unit you wish to report, leave blank for all – | operating units (optional) – | p_ledger – general ledger you wish to report, leave blank for all – | ledgers (optional) – | p_show_subinv – display the subinventory code or don’t display the subinventory code. – | Enter a ‘Y’ or ‘N’ value. Mandatory. Use to limit the report size. – | – | Description: – | Report to get the material accounting entries for each item, organization and subinventory – | with amounts. Including Ship From and Ship To information for inter-org – | transfers. – | – | Version Modified on Modified by Description – | ======= =========== ============== ========================================= – | 1.0 06 Nov 2009 Douglas Volz Initial Coding – | 1.21 14 May 2020 Douglas Volz Use multi-language table for UOM_Code, mtl_units_of_measure_vl – | 1.22 17 May 2020 Douglas Volz Removed group by for inner queries, not needed. – | 1.23 11 Mar 2021 Douglas Volz Removed redundant joins and tables to improve – | performance. Added Make Buy Code. – | 1.24 28 Feb 2022 Douglas Volz Move category columns to first select statement. – +=============================================================================+*/


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If you would like to try one of these Oracle EBS SQLs without having Blitz Report installed, note that some of the reports require functions from utility package xxen_util.

Example Report

CAC Material Account Summary 01-Jun-2020 220747.xlsx

Report SQL

Blitz Report™ import options


Oracle E-Business Suite Reporting Library

We provide an open source Oracle EBS SQLs as a part of operational and project implementation support toolkits for rapid Excel reports generation.

Blitz Report™ is based on Oracle EBS forms technology, and hence requires minimal training. There are no data or performance limitations since the output files are created directly from the database without going through intermediate file formats such as XML.

Blitz Report can be used as BI Publisher and Oracle Discoverer replacement tool. Standard Oracle BI Publisher and Discoverer reports can also be imported into Blitz Report for immediate output to Excel. Typically, reports can be created and version tracked within hours instead of days. The concurrent request output automatically opens upon completion without the need for re-formatting.

Running Blitz Report

You can download and use Blitz Report free of charge for your first 30 reports.

The installation and implementation process usually takes less than 1 hour; you can refer to our installation and user guides for specific details.

If you would like to optimize your Oracle EBS implementation and or operational reporting you can visit to review great ideas and example usage in blog. Or why not try for yourself in our demo environment.

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